Holy Trinity Wool Church of Long Melford

Holy Trinity is recognised as one of the jewels of the wool churches of Suffolk and it is one of only eighteen churches in the country, to have received a maximum of five stars by Sir Simon Jenkins of the National Trust.  

Although a church is documented to have stood on the existing site since the reign of Edward the Confessor, little is known of its original form.  The structure as seen today was constructed between 1467 and 1492 in the late Perpendicular Gothic Style, (excluding the tower which was  rebuilt in 1903 to commemorate Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee). The building was originally financed by three wealthy wool tycoons the Cloptons of Kentwell Hall, the Cordells of Melford Hall and the Martyns of Melford Place.     

Notable External Feature

The cathedral like proportions of Holy Trinity boast a long battlemented nave with lower heavily buttressed side isles and south porch and the east side exhibits an exemplary example of flint flushwork. The tower makes an immediate impression with its battlements and spire at each corner.  Clearly this was an extremely wealthy parish as is evident in the magnificent proportions of this church which are simply put, breath taking as are the 74 vast Medieval tracery windows which adorn its form.  The nave at 46.5 metres long is reputed to be the longest of any parish church in England. You cannot pace the trail of Wool Churches without including Holy Trinity, itself truly deserving of its accolade as one of the finest examples of a Suffolk Wool Church.

Internal Gems Awaiting Your Discovery...

Internally Holy Trinity is a treasure trove of Medieval Art , and in the north aisle one of the finest collections, in England, of Medieval Glass is well worth a look.  Family tombs of wool tycoons, the Cloptons and Martyns are within dedicated chapels built for their commemoration.  The Clopton Chantry not only has beautifully painted ceilings but the walls are adorned with verses by the poet monk of Bury St Edmunds, John Lydgate and the lily crucifix on the east window, rare and stunning.   

                 Location:  Holy Trinity Church, Long Melford


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