St Edmunds Church - Southwold

Among the most grandest of wool churches St Edmunds is a magnificent example of a Perpendicular church with one of the best examples of flint flushwork you are likely to see.  It is clear that money really was no object in Southwold in 1460, when the previous church that stood on the site, was rebuilt following its destruction by fire.  Impressive in stature it's grandeur is testament to the extreme wealth generated by the wool trade at the time of its construction and reflects the importance of the town's standing within the 15th century wool industry.


Noteable External Features     

St Edmund's church boasts a square tower with a decorative parapet and the small open tower above the ornate chancel arch is a replica of the original sanctus bell tower. Battlemented side aisles are adorned with amazing gargoyles and large stepped buttresses.  Although the nave windows are now clear, following damage sustained by a bomb blast in 1943, it is not hard to image how dazzling the beautiful nave windows must have been with their original coloured glass.    

Internal Gems Awaiting Your Discovery...     

St Edmunds church is tall, emphasised by slender pillars and arches separating the nave and the aisles.  Angels adorn the magnificent hammer and beam ceiling posts, the colours and carvings of which are breath taking.   The rood screen with medieval paintings of saints and angels dates from the 15th century and is a stunning example of Medieval artistry.  In fact the colours of this screen, the angel ceiling and that of the 17th century nave paintings are what impact you most on visiting this church, their vibrancy having survived the passage of time.     

           Location:  St Edmunds Church, Southwold 


               Off Victoria Street


               IP18 6JA                Telephone:  01502 725424      


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