St Mary's Church - Woolpit 

St Mary's church with its chapel and statue of Our Lady being a popular pilgrimage site in medieval times actually predates the Norman Conquest and was originally owned by the Abbey at Bury St Edmunds.  Quite unique within East Anglia, and dominating every approach to it, Phipson's magnificent spire of St Mary's church is visble for miles and is a rare sight in the county, being one of only about a dozen spired churches.  The two storey porch built in 1430 at the height of the wool industry by the Abbey, is reputed to have taken 40 years to build and is regarded as Suffolk's finest and "Cautley thought it the best in all England".  The church has the finest examples of woodcarving, by Suffolk's master woodworker Henry Ringham and the most perfectly restored six-tiered Angel Hammerbeam Roof in the county.

Noteable External Features

St Mary's church, an example of the Perpendicular style, is perhaps visually dominated by two features, the magnificent spire and its breathtaking two storey porch, both stunningly captivating to the visitor of this monument.

Internal Gems Awaiting Your Discovery

Internally this church is all about carving from the exquisitely ornate bench ends , a rare site to behold, to the most perfectly restored angel hammerbeam roof in Suffolk. It is well worth an hour or so of any visitors time.

   Location:  St Mary's Church, Woolpit

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